All this might simply freak you out but you might not be willing to give up on your smoking habit just as yet. But in case you have decided to quit smoking and want to shift to vaping then it might be a good option for you to know the nicotine content of your cigarette. So if you think that you know just enough about nicotine, just think a little more, you will understand that there is a number of unanswered questions in front of you.

Managing your smoking habits could be a lot easier if you knew exactly what you are taking in, how much it is going to affect your body and how much of it are you consuming in the first place.

Nicotine Level in a Cigarette

Most cigarettes are known to contain a varied amount of nicotine in them and thus their effects are also varied taking that into consideration. It is necessary to know the nicotine content of the cigarette you are smoking so as to be aware of the effects or rather the probable effects that it can show up on your body.

Nicotine is the basic reason for which smokers are generally unable to discontinue smoking even after they are aware that it is detrimental to their body. Nicotine is what makes a cigarette addictive. It acts as a stimulant and fuels the cravings of smoker making them smoke more and more.

Cigarettes generally contain around 12 mg of nicotine on an average and it varies from 8 to 20 mg depending on the brand. Each time a person smokes a cigarette, about 1 mg of the nicotine contained in the cigarette is absorbed in the body. As a person makes smoking a habit, the craving for nicotine increases and hence they tend to smoke more, which leads to more amount of nicotine along with other toxic chemicals getting accumulated in the body.

As nicotine is a strong stimulant, it is directly connected to the brain and thus when the craving for cigarettes increase it becomes difficult to control. The body seems to be missing something every time the nicotine demand formed in it is not fulfilled by the individual.

Importance of Knowing Nicotine Content in Your Cigarettes

It is important to know the nicotine content in your cigarette in a situation where you are planning to quit smoking or maybe deciding to shift from smoking to vaping, considering vaping to be a safer and cleaner way of fulfilling the nicotine needs of your body than smoking tobacco or chewing tobacco. If you are unaware of your cigarette content, you will be unable to decide how much vaping liquid you would need daily.

In order to take up vaping, it is advisable that you understand the overall structure and working of the e-cigarettes or the vaping devices that you are about to use. These devices might look very similar to the traditional cigarettes in terms of appearance but their working overall is very different. The e-cigarettes make use of a liquid which when inhaled turn into vapors giving the similar feel to traditional cigarettes.

While shifting from smoking to vaping, it is important to know your cigarette strength. This will help you to decide what strength of the vaping liquid you would need in the beginning. This you can calculate roughly by taking into account that about 18 mg of nicotine is present in every 1000 ml of e-liquid. Thus, if you are vaping about 1 ml of vaping liquid every day, you are receiving about 24 mg of nicotine. And as in each cigarette, you are said to absorb about 1 mg of nicotine, you can calculate it easily by comparing and taking the equal volume of e-liquid.

If you are aware of your cigarette content, you can also effectively bring down your nicotine intake by controlling your consumption rate. This is a good method for those who are willing to quit smoking and are unable to do it all at once. By vaping lesser and lesser amount of liquid, an individual can eventually focus on quitting smoking once and for all.

E-cigarettes vs Traditional Cigarettes

As a smoker, if you are planning to quit smoking or at least planning to shift to vaping as an initial step, you might like to know the benefits of vaping or smoking e-cigarettes. The main benefit of smoking an e-cigarette is that you can keep a track of your nicotine intake, if not the exact numerical value, at least a rough idea about the amount. This will guide you in bringing the amount down and eventually quitting on the vice.

Furthermore, in many places smoking cigarettes are restricted whereas you are free to smoke e-cigarettes. In case, you are in such a place and cannot leave your habit aside, e-cigarettes will come in handy. Compared to traditional cigarettes, the absorption of nicotine in the body is much less in the case of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are much more hassle free than normal cigarettes and it is the current trend in the society and is sure to help you to quit smoking once and for all of you are willing.

All this said and done, it becomes extremely important to know the nicotine content of your cigarette if you wish to move on in any direction.