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Create Your Own E-Liquid

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Why make your own e-liquid when we can do all the hard work for you. Choose your flavours, VG/PG ratio mix and strength of Nicotine up to 36mg available. You can also choose your strength of flavour base allowing you to have as much or as little flavour in your e-liquids. Choose 3 x 30ml e-liquid bottles or 1 x 250ml bottle of your very own special e-liquid creation for as little as $25!

Let our e-liquid Artisans create the e-liquid of your dreams!
1: CHOOSE YOUR E-LIQUID FLAVOUR: Simply choose from over 65 available e-liquids at your disposable
2: CHOOSE STRENGTH OF FLAVOUR: The choice is yours, choose from low to high strength.
3: CHOOSE YOUR E-LIQUID BASE: If you like big clouds then make sure you have more VG in your base e-liquid. More PG will provide a more coarse hit. If you are sub ohm vaping on either our Monster Max Kit or something similar then we highly recommend a higher VG base mix, something around 70 to 80% VG.
4: CHOOSE YOUR NICOTINE STRENGTH/DENSITY: 0mg to 36mg available nicotine strength available. 36mg being a very high strength nicotine density to have in your eliquid. If sun ohm vaping we recommend a low nicotine strength around the 6mg is generally adequate for most sub ohm vapers.
Now go ahead a make your e-liquid dreams come true.......................

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