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3mg to 24mg Available You can also customise your e-liquids: Click Here
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  1. Benny Tobacco

    Benny Tobacco E-Liquid: Bring back the gold with Benny Tobacco E-liquid, strong and powerful for all true tobacco vapers that love a smooth strong hitting tobacco e-liquid. Recommended Nicotine strength is 3mg to 24mg.
  2. Apple E-Liquid Apple E-Liquid

    Winnie Blue

    Winnie Blue Tobacco Flavour
  3. M Tobacco Red

    M Tobacco Red E-Liquid: The classic e-liquid which makes every man or woman just want to shout out Ye ha! E-liquid Nicotine levels from 3mg to 24mg.
  4. Fine Regular Tobacco

    Fine Regular Tobacco E-Liquid: Very little can be said that will justify the pure excellent taste you receive from our very own Fine Regular Tobacco e-liquid. Its simply a must try............... Nicotine e-liquid strength of 3mg to 24mg.
  5. El Clasico - RY4

    El Clasico RY4 E-Liquid: Traditional tobacco mixed with mellow caramel and vanilla essence. One for all you e-liquid connoisseurs out there. Nicotine strengths 0mg to 24mg.
  6. MM Tobacco

    MM Tobacco Mentholated E-Liquid: All you tobacco e-liquid vaping machines want to try something a little different? Get your hands on our NEW mentholated MB e-liquid & prepare for an amazing refreshing vape. Recommended Nicotine content is from 0mg to 24mg.
  7. Chilled

    Chilled E-Liquid: Sweet tasting tobacco giving Cool e-liquid a very unique flavour you will love! 0mg to 24mg Nicotine content.
  8. DH Reds

    Regarded as a premium e-liquid flavour our DH Reds e-liquid has a great all round flavour that is bold and strong. Recommended Nicotine strength is 3mg to 24mg.
  9. Sweet Mango Sorbet Sweet Mango Sorbet

    Tobacco Gold

    Tobacco Gold is one of Social-Lites original flavours! This has been replicated to provide the same great taste as the original flavour. You now have more nicotine options as well as multiple bottle sizes giving you amazing savings! Experience a taste that resembles a high quality European cigarette with the Tobacco Gold flavour! A must try for all tobacco enthusiasts. Can be created with 36mg from the customise link: Click Here
  10. New Tobacco Menthol

    Cooling New Tobacco Menthol E-Liquid: Try one of our signature tobacco e-liquids. Its a chill out vape....... 3mg - 24mg Nicotine strengths.
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Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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